ALvis to go - Additional Services & Catering Equipment

Enjoy an unforgettable event in Berlin or Brandenburg

ALvis to go Eventcatering Staff

We invoice staff charges according to number of employees and working hours per hour or part thereof.

Service staff 28.00 €
Cook 31.00 €
Service manager 34.00 €
Sous-chef 38.00 €
Chef de Cuisine 40.00 €

Minimum working time of our staff is 3 hours.

Delivery | Pick up

Charges for delivering food & beverages (including any additionally ordered equipment, furniture excluded) we charge:

Target price for up to 100 people
Delivery within the government district from 15,00 €
Delivery within Berlin-Mitte from 100,00 €
Delivery within Berlin from 150,00 €

Please note: Delivery charges may vary from these declared rates according to expense and place of venue. By arrangement, we will have to adapt the delivery charges for events with more than 100 people or which are outside of Berlin.

Assembly | Dismantling

We will charge extra for preparatory works at the event venue such as setting up kitchen and service stations, setting tables, reception tables or buffet tables, and extra for follow-up works (set-up of tables and chairs excluded):

Per hour or part thereof and employee from 28.00 €


Our written offer includes any necessary equipment such as tableware, cutlery, glasses, table linen and others.

tableware, cutlery, glasses from 0,25 € apiece


If required, we are offering special furniture such as round tables, buffet tables, bar tables and chairs (price apiece per day).

Small gala table (round table for 6-8 people) 16,50 €
Big gala table (round table for 8-10 people) 18,00 €
Bar table, appr. 60cm diameter 12,00 €
Buffet table, appr. 130cm x 60cm 10,00 €
Upholstered chair 4,50 €

Rates do not include delivery charges.

Event location Lecture Hall Ruin in Berlin
Set tables at the Lecture Hall Ruin in Berlin
Final preparations for a special event at the Lecture Hall Ruin in Berlin

Table Linen

We are offering white table linen and textile napkins to set the tables festiveley.


Rectangular Unit price
130cm x 130cm 2,50 €
130cm x 170cm 2,80 €
130cm x 220cm 3,50 €
130cm x 280cm 4,00 €
120cm x 200cm 3,00 €
140cm x 190cm 3,00 €
160m x 160cm 3,50 €
160cm x 200cm 4,00 €
140cm x 190cm 4,00 €
180cm x 180cm 4,00 €
210cm x 210cm 5,50 €
240cm 10,00 €
290cm 14,50 €
320cm 19,00 €
80cm x 80cm 2,00 €
100cm x 100 cm 2,50 €

Textile napkins

50cm x 50cm 2,50 €


Chair covers, white from 5,50 €
Bar tables, stretch, white 23,00 €

The indicated rates are per day including cleaning but do not include delivery charges.


We are happy to arrange flower arrangements or any other kind of decoration in accordance to the occasion.

Flower arrangements (round or longish according to seating options) from 35,50 €
100 tea light 25,00 €
Lantern 9,50 €
3-armed candleholder (candles included) 12,00 €
Menu card (German) 3,00 €
Elegant tabel setting by ALvis to go Eventcatering
Flower arrangement for a festive event by ALvis to go Eventcatering
Flower arrangement at Hotel Albrechtshof in Berlin-Mitte
Restaurant ALvis