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Fresh, seasonal, local - simply the best!

The team of Restaurant ALvis together with Chef de Cuisine Wolfgang Kanow are preparing mouth-watering dishes out of regional products. Born and raised in Berlin, thus a real 'Berlin brat', Wolfgang Kanow even after traveling the world never lost his love for his hometown and its culinary specialities.

Fresh seasonal vegetables combined with meat and fish from regional producers are characteristic features of Kanow's cuisine. Treat yourself and your loved ones to tasty delights.

chef de cuisine Wolfgang Kanow when serving

Asparagus - the king of vegetables - asparagus card from 14.04.2018

Cream of asparagus with smoked trout and caviar
7,60 €

 Clear essence of asparagus
with poultry dumplings
6,40 €

Mixed asparagus salad
with fried prawns and cress
15,80 €

½ pound of asparagus spears with new potatoes
9,20 €

1 pound of asparagus spears with new potatoes
15,40 €

Asparagus spears with a small veal cutlet and cucumber salad with new potatoes
19,80 €

Asparagus spears with fried salmon and new potatoes
19,10 €

 Asparagus spears with veal medallions and new potatoes
22,10 €

Asparagus spears with dry-cured ham and new potatoes
16,10 €

Fresh strawberries with woodruff ice cream and whipped cream
12,20 €


Terrine of pumpkin with cream cheese and wild herbs 13,10 €
Arctic Char with fennel and glass noodles 12,30 €
Beef tatar with quail egg, caviar and anchovy 14,30 €


Pumpkin-potato-soup with finest baked ham 6,80 €
Soup of Brandenburg Carp with horseradish and bread chip 6,80 €
Consommé of game with chestnut 6.80 €


Salmon trout fillet with caviar, potato lasagna and vegetable 20,70 €
Medallions of cod with cod liver, beetroot, salmon mousse on pumpkin risotto 21,60 €
Stir fried pike perch with prawn skewer, vegetable cassoulet and crab mousse 22,80 €


Filet of veal and beef with potato carpaccio, veal sweetbread ravioli, liver and apple 23,60 €
Pink duck breast with amarena cherries, potato pralines and vegetable 21,10 €
Saddle of lamb and leg with sun root and vegetable 22,10 €


Winterly vegetables on a bed of peas with black olives 17.10 €
Crepes of tofu with greek cheese and vegetable 17,10 €

Dessert & Cheese

Chocolate mousse with tangerine mascarpone tartlet and rum fruits 13,30 €
Grand manier soufflé with punch plum and ice cream 13,30 €
Elderflower ice cream with walnut yogurt and red wine pear 13,30 €
Choice of cheese with raw milk, french cheese, mustard, grapes, bread and butter 16,00 €

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