"Benefizküchenparty" at Berlin Restaurant ALvis

Charity dinner for a good cause

The "Benefizküchenparty" for the birthday of Restaurant ALvis has already become a kind of tradition. In addition to the enjoyment and exclusive opening of the kitchen doors, this year's event will once again focus on a project supported by the evening's income. As last year, there will be another raffle with exclusive prizes, donated by local companies that work closely with us. Together with his heroes at the stove, chef Wolfgang Kanow prepared regional and seasonal delicacies live in the restaurant kitchen.

The "Benefizküchenparty" is a great opportunity to look over the chef's shoulder and get professional tips! Whether creative dessert variations, juicy dishes from the oven and pan or light salads and vegetarian creations – here, gourmet hearts will beat faster!

Restaurant manager Janine Krienke and her great team ensure that the evening runs smoothly and has some of the corresponding wines ready for the guests. Look forward to show performances, a raffle with great prizes, live music and much more. Help us doing something great and fulfill a small wish of someone else!

"Benefizküchenparty" 2018 on September 6 2018 from 5.30 pm

Benefizküchenparty im Restaurant ALvis

Our offer:

  • large dinner buffet in the restaurant kitchen
  • Welcome drink, wines & beer, soft drinks
  • live cooking, live music
    39,00 € p.P.

Look forward to great prizes at the raffle!
Ticket price: 20 €. The proceeds of the tombola are donated 1:1 to a charitable project.

Get your ticket for the "Benefizküchenparty" by phone: +4930 30886-759 or by e-mail to gutschein(at)alvis-restaurant(dot)de. It is best to book your preferred table directly in advance.

The donation project 2018 - winter playgrounds of the Berlin city mission

Collected is for the winter playgrounds of the Berlin city mission. In the summer months, parents go to the playground with their children and can talk, consult each other in education, and help each other care for their children. In the winter months, this exchange is gone and the families are lonely. The winter playgrounds of the Berlin City Mission should be an open offer for young families, so parents with children aged zero to four years. The foundation of a healthy value orientation should be created.

Donation project 2017 "In the middle of the neighborhood"

In the middle of the district (MiK) is a project from the Berliner Stadtmission at Anhalter Bahnhof. It is aimed at children and adolescents with and without an immigrant background, who come from families with a predominantly educationally uneducated background. 90% of the children and adolescents in this catchment area have an immigrant background. Motor skills, social skills and German language skills are often not developed according to their age. This leads to exclusion and discrimination in schools. We help to develop the children's basic skills according to their talents, strengthen their social skills and improve their performance in school, so that they can master life confidently and equipped with many skills.

MiK offers:

  • Homework assistance and learning support
  • Exercise activities such as ball games, stilt walking and jumping rope jumps
  • Possibility of cooking and eating together
  • a girls' get-together with joint excursions, where girls between 9-13 years of age are encouraged and accompanied
  • Accompanying parents in matters of education
  • Recruitment and guidance of volunteers

During the summer holidays, the "Mitten im Kiez" project is planning a summer holiday programme with creative workshops such as dancing and sewing, for which money is still needed. Click here for then donation acount:

Pictures of the MiK project

Retrospective of the past benefit kitchen party

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Speech from hotel manager Dana Schmiedel

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Hotel manager Dana Schmiedel with chef de cuisine Wolfgang Kanow

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Souchef in action

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Lovingly arranged fruits

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Champagne reception at ALvis

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017


  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Cutting the magnicifent cake

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Raffle in progress

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Lovingly arranged dessert

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Prices of the raffle

  • Restaurant ALvis Fish Plate

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Fish variety plate

  • ALvis Restaurant Berlin Benefizküchenparty Charity

    Restaurant ALvis "Benefizküchenparty" 2017

    Music performance

A warm thank you to all diligent donors!

The "Niche" is a leisure facility of the Berliner Stadtmission

In 2016, the "Benefizküchenparty" supported the "Nische" leisure facility. The proceeds from the sale of the tickets contributed more than 5.000 €.

The "Nische" is a popular leisure facility for children and young people aged 6 to 14 in the Stralauer Kiez district of Berlin-Friedrichshain. A 2,500 m² construction and adventure playground makes it possible to play and romp around outdoors, work with wood and designing with natural materials, grow plants, skate in the halfpipe and much more. There are (almost) no limits to the imagination.

Indoors, there are rooms with kicker and table tennis, for projects and creative workshops, for cooking, for celebrations, playing at the computer, talking or simply chilling. Every Friday, we offer a self-help bicycle repair shop.

We would like to thank all those who took part in the "Benefizküchenparty" 2016 and those, wo contributed to the "Nische" donating a considerable amount of money. We hope you enjoyed the party and are back again this year!

The GEC says thank you!

Purchases, that have so far been made from the donation budget:

  • new mats for gymnastics and games
  • 1 new working vacuum cleaner
  • 2 new BMX bikes
  • Material for the renovation of the workshop (incl. new tools) to create child-friendly workplaces
  • various necessary cables and a cable drum, a new wheelbarrow and other gardening tools
  • 5 new games for our Wii
  • Blankets and cuddly pillows for pillow fights and cosy cinema or wellness events
  • Kitchen renovation
  • New kitchen utensils (pans, fresh food containers etc.)

In addition, the children enjoy the great TV, which was generously sponsored as a donation by the association Menschen helfen Menschen in und um Berlin e. V.

There's money left. Among other things, the acquisition of the following items is planned:

  • digital camera
  • inline skate protection equipment
  • board games

"A big thank you..."

Guest Feedback

...for last night's wonderful evening. It was a very successful event. Again and again I am fascinated by the relatively small space on which the "heroes of the kitchen" conjure up such delicacies. The service was (as always in the ALvis) unobtrusive, cautious and very friendly. A conversation with the GEC volunteers was also very interesting. And I was lucky at the tombola, too! I hope that the overall benefit result will be good and I would like to say THANKS again for the commitment of ALVIS."
I remain with kind regards to all diligent helpers of the beautiful evening
Antje Behrens

Projects that have been supported in recent years:

2016: Nische
The "Nische" is a popular leisure facility for children and young people aged 6 to 14 in the Stralauer Kiez district of Berlin-Friedrichshain.

2015: Gussower Erlebnis Camp
Here, children of all ages can experience different adventures. The GEC gets supported by a team of social pedagogues, educators and volunteers.

2014: Velo-Fit
A bicycle repair shop in which children and teenagers repair bicycles to spend their leisure time meaningful. The offer is looked after by socio-pedagogical specialists and craftsmen.

2013: Pauline e.V.
Committed to children suffering from chromosomal abnormality. As a non-profit association, they promote measures and projects that are not covered by the health insurance funds.

2012: Kinderhaus Berlin-Mitte e.V.
As a non-profit association and educational aid agency, they have been supporting and promoting children and adolescents who need help in critical situations since 1996.

2011: Bürgerstiftung Berlin „Leselust“ – Lesepatenschaften
Voluntary reading mentors visit children in Berlin's elementary schools and kindergartens to read with them or view picture books.

2010: Kinderprojekt der SM „Endlich Ferien“
For children who cannot leave Germany for travel holidays, the Berlin City Mission offers projects where they can discover their personal skills in handling wood, cloth, food and other materials.

2009: Ranzen, Tüte, Los | MHM Menschen helfen Menschen e.V
MHM directly helps children who live in socially disadvantaged circumstances and it is virtually impossible for parents to afford the costs of a school enrolment from the Hartz IV standard rate or a mini-wage.

: Gemeindehof Karow der Berliner Stadtmission
The goal is to make missionary community work with a Protestant kindergarten and a community living together under the roof perceptible.

2007: Rote Nasen e.V.
Belongs to the international organization Red Noses-Clowndoctors International, which brings laughter and joie de vivre to sick and suffering people.

2006: Children's home Jugendaufbauwerk Berlin

2005: Sozialpädiatisches Zentrum/ Fürst Donnersmarck Stiftung / Kinderheim Gruppe 4
The Fürst Donnersmarck Foundation has created places for people with disabilities where they can express themselves, develop individually and feel at home.

2004: Kinderheim Jugendaufbauwerk Berlin

2003: Kältehilfe
As soon as it gets dangerously cold outside, Kältehilfe send their refrigerated bus through the nightly streets and offers those threatened by the cold to bring them to an emergency overnight stay.

Account for donations:
Berliner Stadtmission | Account: 780 008 006 | BIC: 100 500 00 Berliner Sparkasse | Reference: Benefizküchenparty

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