Finger Food Recommendations - Fancy Appetizers & Hors d'oeuvres

Select your favorite bites & create your individual platters!

You may choose from a fine selection of finger food for your next personal event or corporate meeting.

Our finger food buffets are served in small pans, glasses, bowls or mini jars at receptions, during business meetings or breaks.

Our banquet and event sales team is happy to arrange a finger food  buffet according to your particular needs and wishes.

Prices on application, we are pleased to give our expert advice.

ALvis to go Eventcatering finger food selection Berlin-Mitte

Cold dishes

a piece
Open sandwich with salami, camembert, creamed cheese, ham2,50 €
Open sandwich with smoked salmon or Gravlax, chicken breast, halibut3,20 €
Thai King Prawn on a cellophane noodle salad    4,80 €
Turkey or Feta cheese wrap 4,10 €
2 x Yakitori chicken skewers in a pate2,80 €
Antipasti skewer 4,60 €
Loin of smoked salmon on wasabi peas 4,30 €
Tomato compote and Mozzarella with green pesto4,00 €
Basil tofu praline on spelt4,50 €
Cream of peas with olive mousse and ginger jelly 5,30 €
Finger food selection
Hors d'oeuvre - Pepper cream cheese tart
Bulgur mango tart
tomato salami muffin
Turkey wrap - Finger Food Catering
Yakitori chicken skewers 2 pieces ALvis to go Eventcatering
Knuckle of pork on mustard jelly - ALvis to gi Eventcatering
Praline of buckwheat and chickpeas ALvis to go Eventcatering
Smoked salmon
Finger Food - stewed tomatoes
Finger Food Catering - Basil tofu praline
Avocado and prawn on Beluga

Warm dishes

Turkey breast piccata with yellow ribbon noodles 6,80 €
Puff pastry with chicken, pineapple and spinach5,80 €
Small rolls of pork filled with pineapple kraut and parsley potato5,80 €
Lamb kebab with honey and thyme potatoes7,10 €
Fish kebab on leeks6,30 €
Finger food selection ALvis to go Eventcatering
Finger food platters by ALvis to go Eventvatering in Berlin-Mitte
Variety of finger food - Hotel Albrechtshof Berlin- Mitte


0,28 l 0,5 l
Goulash soup 6,50 €8,50 €
Tomato soup 6,00 €8,00 €
Pea soup 6,00 €8,00 €
Potato soup 6,00 €8,00 €
Mixed noodle stew 6,50 € 8,50 €
Bean stew 6,00 €8,00 €
Vegetable stew 6,50 € 8,50 €


ALvis to go Eventcatering variety of desserts
Crème brûlée
Chocolate ginger mousse
Mascarpone cream with apricot ragout
Yogurt cream with strawberry ragout
Mini apple tart on vanilla
Fruit salad on a skewer
Chocolate covered marshmallows with passion fruit
Sweet sushi with blackberry puree

Menu, buffet- and finger food recommendations

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