Interview with Chef Wolfgang Kanow

Restaurant ALvis shows its face!

Who makes the restaurant special? Who provides the feel-good atmosphere? Who cooks so well?

Interview today:
Wolfgang Kanow

  • Chef at the restaurant in Berlin Mitte
  • Active in the company since 2002

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Mr. Kanow, with your recipes, creations, ideas and tastes you have made the Restaurant ALvis in the Hotel Albrechtshof in Berlin-Mitte what it is today. A restaurant with many regular guests, a meeting point for tourists, a place of enjoyment for two, at festivities, business lunches, conferences and much more.

They succeed in preparing culinary delights. They develop recipe ideas, create and shape the culinary impression that guests remember. Berlin and Brandenburg can thus be experienced by the palate through their recipes.

What makes the work for you in gastronomy special?

I see my profession as a vocation. Already in the 4th grade it was certain for me that I would become a cook one day. You have to be born for gastronomy, you have to be able to merge into it. I love to understand the products in their naturalness and to bring the taste of the ingredients to perfection through combinations. The fun of cooking, the creativity that comes with the job and the collaboration with so many different characters make my job an absolute dream job.

What's your favorite food?

The food I could wish for from my mother when I became ill as a child. Chicken fricassee. I cook the fricassee for my guests according to my mother's recipe.

What is your favourite restaurant and what makes it so special?

I always go to different restaurants. As a chef, I have to continually broaden my taste horizon, track down new trends and come up with new tastes again. But most of the time I orientate myself on the good old German cuisine. Schnitzel or roast pork are at the top of my list when I choose a restaurant.

You had your most unique moment of pleasure...?

In Kenya at the German Food Festival 1999, to which I was invited. For 3 weeks I cooked with the best chefs in Germany, such as Rainer Strobel. The new spices, the variety of fresh and sun-ripened ingredients and the self-caught lobster in the wonderful scenery are indescribably captured in my head.

Would you tell us your ultimate cooking tip for our guests at home?

Even two tips: Melt a piece of butter in a frying pan and let it darken - this results in a fine nutty aroma. And for sauces and to enhance dishes, I let thyme and rosemary sweat briefly in hot fat. In this way the fine essential oils are released and can unfold.

Many thanks for the good conversation, I am looking forward to many more culinary delicacies from the restaurant ALvis.

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