Interview with deputy chef Andreas Vogel

The restaurant ALvis shows its face!

Who makes the restaurant special? Who provides the feel-good atmosphere? Who cooks so well?

Heute im Interview:
Andreas Vogel

  • With the company since 2010
  • Deputy chef since 2015

What's your favorite food?

It doesn't always have to be the three-course menu. A juicy piece of meat with baked potato, herb butter and sour cream makes body and soul happy. Add a cool power malt and the day is saved. With a hearty potato soup with Viennese I am also well advised.

What is your favourite restaurant in Berlin and what makes it so special?

When you come out of the gastro the most uncomplicated things are often the most delicious! In Berlin I often go to various steak houses, I do not have a favorite there.

Did you have your most unique moment of pleasure?

Whenever mum gets her homemade pudding out of the fridge. The recipe is strictly guarded and it is impossible to recook it. This ensures my regular visits (laughs).

What is your ultimate cooking tip for our guests at home?

With heart and soul, passion and good music in the background, you can cook for your loved ones with much more joy and fun.

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